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#thehartfordlife Mouse Pad (Rectangle)

#thehartfordlife Mouse Pad (Rectangle)

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Created to enhance anyone’s online browsing and gaming experience, these personalized mousepads come packed with style and comfort. Thanks to the rubber base, your mouse pad has a firm grip on the desk, while your design goes on the stain-resistant cloth top side. With a 1/16th” thickness, you’ll find this mouse pad delivers smooth mouse sliding action for both working and playing.

.: One shape: Rectangular
.: Material: Durable, high-density foam with an ultra-thin rubber base
.: 1/16" (1.58 mm) thick
.: One-sided print
.: Free USA shipping

  9" × 8"
Width, in 9.00
Height, in 8.00
Depth, in 0.06


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First it was me with all of the questions

You've got questions and I've got answers

What is Finding Connecticut?

Finding Connecticut is an independent news and informational site with the focus of Connecticut based entertainment and small business and sports. We are 100% woman owned and operated.

We also have town sites including Finding Westport, Finding Fairfield, Finding Bridgeport, Finding Easton, Finding Weston, Finding Ridgefield, Finding Norwalk, Finding New Canaan, Finding Darien, Finding Stamford and Finding Greenwich

Why did you start these pages?

When I started Finding Westport in 2018 I was seeking answers to the questions I had about Westport. Which started my journey. At the time I didn't know the pages would grow like they have. Connecticut and Westport being the most popular pages.

When will you have merch for my town?

I am working on having most of Connecticut's town up by the end of the year. Depending on my work load load outside of working on these pages, I might be able to get them done faster. If you are looking for a certain design or a certain town you can always email me let me know.

Who designs the merch and where does the profit go? Where do you see the pages going? How else can we contribute to help you grow?

When it comes to the pages I am the only person who works on them. I do everything from content creation with social media to designing the apparel to adding content to the websites.

The profit goes into building the pages, purchasing creative equipment to help us with current design and photography trends.

We do work with Connecticut organizations to help them raise money for them.

Finding Connecticut's website has had rapid growth in the last year, we are on pace to having a half a million visitors and over a million page views by the end of the year.

I offer affordable advertising for small business owners, which includes social media packages, business listings and real estate options and weekly job listings at an affordable rates.

I have an event or news how do I submit a submission?

You can email us submissions at findingconnecticut dot com