Westport Ugly Holiday - what?

Westport Ugly Holiday - what?

Westport ct ugly holiday collection   Westport ct ugly holiday collection

I wanted design an ugly holiday sweater, but sweaters are not in my catalog - I am not sure if the print distributor I use if they will ever have them. For the last few months I have had a few ideas. Since this is my first time designing an ugly holiday sweater I figured I would make two basic designs - Westport and Connecticut. And go from there for next year. 

And yes, its not perfect. Each design is designed differently, one might have more snow, the size might be different. I wanted each one to be different in some way. 

Westport Connecticut greeting cards

Do it scared 

It was a little less than a year ago was when I got the idea to do a Westport themed holiday collection. What was I going to design? I had a few ideas come to mind while I did some research. I didn't know what direction to go in, there are so many ways to go. I did know one thing, Minuteman should be involved. 

This past weekend I got suckered into watching a reality tv show (I shy away from them, but this one has to do with food, so I figured why not) and I heard the term "Do it scared". I was going to hold off on this design for a few weeks - 1. What was going to design? 2. Supply chain issues. I had to put on my creative hat and figure out what to design. 

I went back to research, I found something I could work with, but what could I design with Minuteman? Then it came to mind... the Cribari Bridge - lit up. - Being a graphic designer for 20 plus years - the next question was how am I going to design a lit up bridge where you can tell its Christmas lights - I drew the bridge first and then put the lights on - with in a few hours the design was born. 

After the design was set

I knew I wanted to have two different color themes 
1. Blue / White 
2. Green / Red 

I ran into some bumps in the road when designing theses. If i use white print on white items, it won't show. Some of the items do have a light gray background. I also decided to use an all white - with the exception of the bridge. After some thought, I with with a teal-ish color background - teal = ice. I figured something wintry would work. 

I used the typical long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and home decor items. I did add tee shirts and tank top for those who get invited to Christmas in July parities (wait... do they still have those? I haven't been to one in 20+ years. Anyone want to plan for one at Compo Beach next year?) 

 41, the number update

If you are a long time instagram follower of Finding Westport then you know about 41. Yes the Westport exit, the song by Dave Matthews Band, and how the number had its way of showing up non stop when something good is about to happen. 

It's happening again. 
The Apple commercial for the new Iphone the time 9:41
There is another commercial where a woman is talking and mentions 41
Someone recently wired money from her work place to her bank account instead of paying company bills for 41K. 
I believe its the Apple watch commercial when the watch calls 911 and Siri mentions 41
A google search I did today was .41 
Finding Connecticut had 4100 people on it one day last week. 
Email XX,X41 
It seems like daily there is a political poll someone is at 41

It is coming slow but speeding for sure. 


One more thing
I am not sure if I will be designing another design before the end of the year. I am working on a few things with the shop and I have a few websites I have to design by the end of the year. Incase I don't get a chance - I want to thank everyone who purchased from my shop this year. It helps grow Finding Westport. I have some exciting things planed for 2023. Stay tuned. 

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