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New England Patriotic Collection

Life took me out of the penalty box and helped me score a goal recently with Finding Connecticut. Even tho, this opportunity is still top secret - I can't say anything about it until the fall. I am raising money for a few photography lenses - which is apart of this opportunity. I am not a fan of crowd fundraising or gofundme donations  to help raise money for future projects with Finding Connecticut's brand. After a few weeks of thinking of how I can raise money for the lenses, I decided to put a New England collection together and see what would be come of it. 

I have had this idea for a while now with adding a collection for the other New England states. I started it with Pride back in May. I have a few other things coming down the line to add to this collection. With a few other New England based collections that you don't really see anywhere else.

Also new to the shop, I started the "I'd rather be.." collection for each town. Westport and Fairfield are done. I also have a new Minuteman and Connecticut design. The proceeds of these collections listed helps with content creation.  If you are looking for a certain town that does not have a collection, please contact me. 

June is Pride month, 10% of Pride sales goes to a New England  LGBTQ organization. 

As always, thank you for your support with helping me build the Finding's pages and giving me the opportunity to grow the websites. 

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