Connecticut fall tee shirt

Happy Autumn!

Happy Autumn! 

The crisp cold air, color changing, apple picking season is finally here! I have been busy with a few things. I designed a fall collection to celebrate this lovely season. 

Leaf Peepin' 

Leaf peeping Connecticut

This design was fun to create. I was talking to a friend who mentioned the leaf peepers and suddenly I had Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer stuck in my head. Expect when he sings "I'm gonna be a sledgehammer" I was singing "I"m a leaf peeper!" Collections available in Connecticut Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont,  and Rhode Island.  

I'm a leaf peeper tee shirt

I'd rather be peeping. 
This design came from a mixture of a few other designs. In the middle of singing "I'd rather be Leaf Peeping" - turned into "I'd rather be peeping" - I like to call it a cousin to the town collections that have the "I'd rather be." It was a fun design that randomly came to mind from other designs I was working on at the time. 

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Connecticut Fall tee shirt

Connecticut Fall 
I wanted to do something with fall colors and the state image of Connecticut. I didn't have any ideas until I started to play around with it... I sent the design to a few people and the feedback I received was they loved the color placements. 

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Maine Fall tee shirt

Maine fall tee shit

The Way Fall Should Be 

I was working on the Connecticut Fall shirt and was looking for a Connecticut slogan I could use and came up empty handed. I wanted to do something like this for Connecticut. I liked the movement of the shirt and the reminder that life should be simple. I wanted to see what it would look like if I added the Maine image I was using. 

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Connecticut fall autumn tee shirt

Connecticut Leaves

The leaves might be my favorite part of this collection. I wanted something that looks like leaves on the ground but in a Connecticut outline. I do like how you have to focus a bit to see the blue outline, but once you see it, you see it. 

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Maine leaves fall autumn tee shirt

Maine Leaves 

Just like Connecticut leaves we have the Maine Leaves. The fun part of this was which outline to use, one with a basic sketch of Maine or one more detailed with the islands. I settled with this one. 

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Before you ask where are the leaves versions of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Rhode Island? I was in the middle of designing these when I received an email from my print distributor letting me know of a price increase. The tank tops, tee shirts, hoodies were going up 20% and shipping also went up. I had to stop where I was and change prices on about 2,000 products. I have no interns or anyone working for me. For the last month, I have been working on changing prices and adding new items for up to 16 hours a day or more. If someone wants to make a New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont or Rhode Island leaves design, I can - I just need to know what item you are looking for and send you my Venmo or Paypal link 

Thank you for your support, proceeds help grow the established Finding's pages and I am hoping soon the Maine and New England pages should be designed and started around the beginning of next year. 

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